Opengeostat and Snowden Group have signed a partnership to commercialize Supervisor Geostat Software in Canada.  Supervisor is one of the most user friendly and intuitive geostatistical sofwares in the market. The software was designed by geologists for geologists.

Some of its most relevant advantages are detailed below:

  • Produces high quality results with less calculation steeps and faster time than most geostat softwares. For example, it includes automatic updates of the analysis after applying filters; you can copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) variograms, block model validations or many other analysis over different domains or variables and the software will automatically update the results for you, it also has optimized tools to produce multiple indicator variograms.
  • Provides statistical and geological interactive data analysis with automatic visualization in 3D and plots, which is useful to validate your interpretations in real time. It shows in 3D the variogram direction and anisotropies for visual validation of the variogram models and rotations.
  • Includes data transformation algorithms to make easier the variography studies in gold deposits and other difficult commodities with erratic experimental variograms.
  • Automatically convert rotations and variogram models to different software convention. Is designed to allow importing and exporting data and results from/to other softwares such as Vulcan, Datamine, Leapfrog, or Surpack.
  • Includes an advanced package for block model validation consisting in statistical comparisons, swath plots and global change of support with discrete model.
  • Has a tool to optimize interpolation parameters (KNA).
  • Is designed to present resources in a clear and understandable way.

This video shows the main features of the software. It was prepared by Snowden Mining Consultant in 2013.

The following video shows the new block model validation tool with global change of support.

For more details about Supervisor, pricing and plans and more demonstration videos visit Snowden Group website.

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