Opengesotat Consulting works with their partners in order to provide a diversity of services and to ensure higher quality on final products. Our main partners are:

Georeference Online

GeoreferencesGeoreference Online Ltd is a privately held company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada and provides scientific, management and software services. Opengeostat works in partnership Georeference Online on the area of resource estimations and critical evaluations of third party resource estimates.

Objectivity Canada

objectivityObjectivity Canada is a data analytics consultancy company using simulation and data mining to develop products and services for mineral exploration, mine ventilation, financial analytics, 4D visualization software and large scale visualization and collaboration systems. Opengeostat promotes the Objectivity’s DRX service, a delineation and infill drill hole layout planning service based optimization algorithms. DRX minimizes the meters of drillholes required to upgrade Mineral Resources Categories or maximize the volume of resources conversion with a minimum of drilling. Probably the best analogy to understand this is the Whittle and Millawa algorithms, but with optimization algorithms and applied to drillhole optimization problem.

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