Moving beyond the grid

Opengeostat is pleased to announce a partnership with to maximize the value of resource classification drilling.

Opengeostat provides the geostatistics to determine the sampling spacing required to appropriately classify a mineral resource. The required drilling is often expressed as a grid spacing, however when drill setups are limited laying out a grid is often difficult and in most underground cases impossible. Objectivity’s Drilling Reporting and Targeting – DRX service optimizes the drill plan to maximize the value of every meter drilled taking into account all geometric constraints.

As importantly DRX quickly creates optimal drill plans for a range of budgets allowing management to best align drilling campaigns with the company’s strategic goals. The combination of drilling optimization and geostatistical estimation provides the same level of confidence whether selecting a cash saving or a resource conversion maximization drill program.

Opengeostat’s periodic integration of data, as drilling progresses and DRX’s Dynamic drill planning ensures that drill programs can quickly adapt to new data and un-expected events. Combined you are assured of having an adaptable optimized drill program during the life of the drilling campaign.

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