Opengeostat delivers practical courses for geologists, mining engineers, and managers, including Snowden Group geology courses (only in Canada). The training courses can take place:

  • online,
  • in house
  • and in scheduled classroom sessions

We also provide tailored courses and on-demand curses on:

  • resource estimation,
  • resource estimation with open source software,
  • geostatistics,
  • geological databases,
  • machine learning,
  • and python for geologists.


Opengeostat Geology Courses

Course and Registration Form Location Year 2017
NEW! Introduction to Machine Learning for geologists Vancouver Apr 25 – 27, TBA
Introduction to geological databases and MS Access (online payment available here ) Vancouver Apr 28, TBA
Online technical sections on Supervisor, Version 8x Online or In-house


Introduction to Machine Learning for geologists

In this training course you will learn how to use popular machine learning algorithms to explore and analyze your own data and public domain data, using open source softwares. We will teach you how to prepare the data, how to select learning features, machine learning algorithms and how to validate the results. You can register using our paper base registration form.

Introduction to geological databases and MS Access

This is a one-day course -8 hours- designed for professionals working with geological data, especially drillhole databases. With this training you will learn fundamental concepts of relational geological databases and how to implement it in Microsoft Access. You can register using our paper base registration form or the online application.

Online technical sections on Supervisor

This is basically a technical user support to teach you how to use the Snowden software Supervisor V8. We will show you how to build and interpret variograms, how to validate your block model, how to export variograms and how to use any other tool implemented in the latest version of Supervisor. To register please use our online application.


Snowden Group Geology Courses

Opengeostat delivers Snowden Group geology courses in Canada. The training courses can take place in house (at your location and at your most convenient time) or on schedule, as shown in the table that follows:

Name of course Location Year 2017
Resources Estimation Vancouver 23-27 Jan; 3-7 Apr; 5-9 Jun; 25-29 Sep
Resources Estimation Toronto 27 Feb-3 Mar
Advanced Resource Estimation Vancouver 19-23 Jun; 21-25 Aug; 23-27 Oct
Introduction to Geostatistics Vancouver 17 Feb; 21 Jul; 1 Dec
Introduction to Geostatistics Toronto 10 Mar
Practical Variography Vancouver 20 Apr; 13 Jul; 13 Nov
Practical Variography Using Supervisor Vancouver 21 Apr; 14 Jul; 14 Nov
Successful Simpling and QAQC of Assay Data Vancouver 6-7 Feb; 1-2 May; 11-12 Sep
Mine to Mill – Grade Control and Mine Reconciliation Vancouver 8-10 Feb; 3-5 May; 13-15 Sep
Geology for Non-geologists Vancouver 17 Feb; 21 Jul; 1 Dec
Geology for Non-geologists Toronto 9 Mar


The Snowden Group trainings delivered by Opengeostat in Canada cover the following topics:

Resource Estimation

This is a five-day training that will provide geologists and mining engineers with a practical understanding of the resource estimation process. The objective of the course is that participants learn how to create resource estimate by using industry standard techniques, how to combine geology and geostatistics to build a realistic resource, and understand the legalities and practical guidelines for resource classification. Each attendee will receive a free three-month Supervisor software license. For more information please visit the course brochure.

Advanced Resource Estimation

The five-day course provides in depth understanding of resource estimation techniques. It teaches how and when to apply techniques such as co-kriging, multiple indicator kriging, conditional simulation and change of support. Students will be able to use their own company data to produce resource estimates using these techniques and compare and discuss the results. Each attendee will receive a free three-month Supervisor software license. For more information please visit the course brochure.

Introduction to Geostatistics

This is one-day course is designed to provide managers, miners, engineers and geologists with a general understanding of the tools and concepts used in statistical and spatial analysis. The course covers statistical analysis, spatial analysis/variography and estimation techniques. More detailed information about the program is in the course brochure.

Practical Variography

This one–day course focuses on providing participants with practical advice for preparing and analysing variograms. The course is designed for geologists looking to fine-tune their skills and develop more practical awareness of pit-falls. Have a look to the course brochure for more detailed information.

Practical Variography using Supervisor V8

This one-day course teaches participants how to import data, calculate and model variograms using the Supervisor Version 8 software modules Analysor and Visor, while working with their own data. Attendees will receive a three-month free Supervisor software licence. Get more details about the program in the course brochure.

Successful Sampling and QAQC Assay Data

This two-day course provides participants with understanding of the importance of good sampling and QAQC practices. The course is designed for those involved in the sampling process, laboratory and metallurgy, project evaluation, and resource and exploration geologists. The course brochure provides more information about the program.

Mine to Mill – Grade Control and Mine Reconciliation

This three-day course teaches best practice grade control techniques for open pit and underground operations and how to ensure delivery of the best quality ore. Students will learn how to minimize misclassification through best practices grade control and optimal estimation and how to develop their own Reconciliation Code of Practice to increase profit margins. Visit the course brochure for more information about this training.

Geology for Non-geologists

This 1-day course explains the key geology and resource concepts; along with examination of rock specimens and geological activities.
You will learn how a company progresses a project from early-stage exploration through to a mining reserve. See examples of how to interpret mineral resource and exploration results in stock exchange company announcements. Find out or refresh your knowledge on what is involved behind the scenes and learn about the key risks to be managed using geological data. Visit the course brochure for more information about this training.

All the participants in Snowden’s courses will receive a reference manual, refreshments, lunch, and a certificate of course attendance.

If you have decided to attend one or more of the Snowden’s Vancouver courses, please fill this registration form.

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