Downhole compositing algorithm

Opengeostat is working in an open source python module named PyGSLIB and in this post we are discussing the downhole compositing implementation in pure Python. PyGSLIB is basically a combination of: gslib fortran code wrapped into python function a cython module for drillhole processing a cython module for block model processing a cython module for […]
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About OpenGeostat

Why Opengeostat? Opengeostat is a company focused on consulting, training and software solutions for the mining industry. We are committed to provide quality services with open and reliable opinion based on scientific evidence.   Our Team Adrian Martinez Vargas is both a geologist and a geostatistician. He has worked as a consultant since 2002 covering many commodities […]
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Opengesotat Consulting works with their partners in order to provide a diversity of services and to ensure higher quality on final products. Our main partners are: Georeference Online Georeference Online Ltd is a privately held company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada and provides scientific, management and software services. Opengeostat works in partnership Georeference Online on the [&he...
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Moving beyond the grid

Opengeostat is pleased to announce a partnership with to maximize the value of resource classification drilling. Opengeostat provides the geostatistics to determine the sampling spacing required to appropriately classify a mineral resource. The required drilling is often expressed as a grid spacing, however when drill setups are limited laying out a grid is often […]
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Opengeostat signs partnership with Snowden Group

Opengeostat Consulting announces a partnership with Snowden Group to provide Geology training courses and commercialize in Canada the geostat software Supervisor.
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How to choose a geological relational database management system

Geological Database
In my previous post a design of geological (drillhole) database was commented. In this post I am sharing with you comments on how to choose the right geological relational database management system, emphasizing on the spatial data object support.
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Drillhole Database Design

This is a tutorial on how to design a basic drillhole database using simplified SQL language. A basic design is provided in generic SQL along with the implementation explained in MS Access and SQLITE. SQL code for MySQL and PostgreSQL and design diagrams are also provided. You can use this code as starting point to […]
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Welcome to Opengeostat Blog

Opengeostat Blog
We will be posting articles that have been written by Opengeostat regular staff and collaborators, covering topics relevant to the Opengeostat open source software and general topics of interest for the mining and exploration industry. The Opengeostat blog is also the first part of our software production.  Here we present scientific and technical aspects of […]
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